Young people can accomplish
anything when given a

fair chance.

Data is a starting point for transformative solutions.

In the District much stands the way of our young people — particularly those most affected by poverty and racism. These are powerful injustices, and they must be met with an equally powerful response. DC Kids Count provides the best available District-level and ward-level data to measure child and young adult well-being and inspire innovative and equitable solutions.

Where DC Children Live

DC children’s race by ward (colors show when at least 30% of children under 18 living in each ward identify with a race).

Key Measures of Child & Young Adult Well-Being

About DC Kids Count

This website provides the best available District-wide and ward-level data to measure and track the demographics, economic justice, education, early childhood, health and safety, voting and democracy, and impacts of COVID-19 on the District’s children and young adults. Research for the DC Kids Count is funded in part by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. We thank the Foundation for its support and acknowledge the findings and conclusions presented are those of DC Action’s alone, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Foundation. We also acknowledge the generous support of the countless contributors whose investments make possible the work of DC Action, including sharing these critical data throughout the year.

Much of the DC Kids Count data comes from the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Kids Count data center, designed to track the well-being of children across the United States.

Kids Count Data Center
DC Kids Count 2020 Data Book
DC Kids Count 2020 Data Book

Children and youth need a lot of support—from family, community, and school—to thrive. This report–Across the District of Columbia–explores more than 60 measures of child and young adult well-being.


About DC Action

At DC Action, we’re uniting all those fighting on behalf of DC’s children and youth to pursue a single, shared vision for what it looks like to grow up in our city. Because, while childhood exists on a continuum from birth to adulthood, the systems, programs, and organizations designed to support our children and youth are too often fragmented by age. Together with our young people, parents, and community partners, we’re advocating with one voice for public policies that support kids at every step from early childhood to early adulthood. We are stronger, louder, and more effective together. And, whether we are focused on helping a toddler learn her letters or a young man pursue his professional passion, we share one goal: that all of DC’s children and youth grow up safe, resilient, powerful, and heard.

One Voice. One Future.

We lead councils and coalitions such as the DC Home Visiting Council, Under 3 DC, the DC Out-of-School Time Coalition, and the Campaign to End Family and Youth Homelessness, and participate in many more. By blending our respective areas of focus and unique strengths, we believe we can achieve bigger and bolder outcomes for kids in the District of Columbia.